Friday, 13 June 2014


If your book cover has nothing to show for the contents of your book, it is most likely that no one will select the book to read in the first place.

The book cover design decides the general feel of the book.

To recognize a quality book cover that actually sells, you would have to keep the following in mind;

TONE: This must be able to grab the attention of a buyer to make a sale. The imagery or words does not matter, the management of fonts,hues and harmony of shades is the key.

RELEVANCE: The content and image should be in line with what the book is saying.

ATTRACTION: This is the key to making your book to be noticed. An attractive design can be done creatively without much expense, the point is making your book cover attracting potential readers towards owning a book.

INTEREST: This can be attained by creating unique images, fonts and image elements to make your cover design fascinating.

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