Friday, 13 June 2014


If your book cover has nothing to show for the contents of your book, it is most likely that no one will select the book to read in the first place.

The book cover design decides the general feel of the book.

To recognize a quality book cover that actually sells, you would have to keep the following in mind;

TONE: This must be able to grab the attention of a buyer to make a sale. The imagery or words does not matter, the management of fonts,hues and harmony of shades is the key.

RELEVANCE: The content and image should be in line with what the book is saying.

ATTRACTION: This is the key to making your book to be noticed. An attractive design can be done creatively without much expense, the point is making your book cover attracting potential readers towards owning a book.

INTEREST: This can be attained by creating unique images, fonts and image elements to make your cover design fascinating.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Do you know that your Ecover Can Make Or Break Your Ebook Sales?

Imagine what the product (ecover) will look like when viewed on a bookshelf. eBook covers are frequently used in sales pages that are used to sell ebooks.

The best ebook covers look almost as good as a photograph. A good ecover will slightly enhance the sales of an ebook. But a poorly done one will make buyers skeptical and can result in a product that generate few if any sales.

It is better to have no ecover at all rather than one that is poorly done.

Because of this,below are ways to develop an amazing ecovers;

1.    Photoshop is an excellent tool for this, you have learn how to use it professionally

2.    Hire a good graphics designer to do the design for you using your specification. Most of them charges between $25 to $50 to do that.

3.    You can purchase scripts that work with photoshop but do your designs first before you apply it on the script.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

3 steps to create a stunning ecover

If you don't want to hire a professional designer to do the ecover for you, there is a wide selection of very good tools providing ecover templates you can choose from, like ecover creators, ecover generators, Photoshop action scripts, etc. In this article I give you some tips how to design an ecover that attracts people who want to buy and download your product.

 1. Carefully choose your image
Choose the pictures that best express the content and the messages of your ebook. Make sure that the pictures fit each other as well; too many colors can be overwhelming. Do the editing it requires like change color, crop image, resize, transform, etc. Check if the quality of the images is high so they will look good on your ecover templates. Finally put the images to their place.

2. Choose your text
In this case of ecovers under text we understand the Title and list of selling points of your product.
The title is a very important part of your ecover. Like titles usually it should be short, describing what your content is about. The best is to place it on the top of the ecover templates. You can create a better visual effect if you increase the font size and use special font that fits your product. There are several websites from where you can download fonts for free. Finally use special effects like adding shadow to make it look like more professional.
The role of the list of selling points is to convince your visitors to buy your product. Use smaller and simple font for this part. Add bullet points and special effects to it, as well.
Tip 1: Don't align texts to the center, it look unprofessional.
Tip 2: Check if the picture your created looks good and that the texts are well readable even in thumbnail size

3. choose a good and attractive color
To choose the best color or color combination you should be aware of the effects that colors have on people. All depends on what shade of the color you use, how much do you use it, and which color do you combine it with.
Here are some examples of the meaning of colors:
 Use red color on your ecover templates when you want to emphasize something, grab the attention and want people to take action.
 if you want to grab attention but red would be too strong, you can make use of yellow color. And apply green color on your  ecover templates to express harmony, stability, freshness.

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Reasons Why You Need A Professional Ecover Design

Are you putting together an ebook? You have all the content and you are confident that you have a quality product to offer the world. Now it is all a matter of packaging and you are trying to choose someone who can design an ecover. This is the perfect time to do your research about cheap ecovers and professional ecovers.

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"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" says the slogan of the Gucci family, the famous Italian house of fashion. As one of the top 100 global brands, they know a thing or two about setting high standards and doing it in a way that it stands the test of time. Yes, it is true that you can get some ecovers designed for low prices but very often what you get is shoddy and unremarkable. A professional ecover designer can offer you attention to detail and a cohesiveness of packaging that will make yours a stand-out ebook. You may pay a little more but it will be well worth the additional investment.

An eBook cover should be striking, memorable and capture the essence of the material inside. A cheap and generic ecover can well under-cut the worth of your ebook. Limited visual appeal can harm book sales in the real world and the virtual world. In this sense, a cheap ecover may well end up costing you more in the long run.

Remember when making your choice, that you want an ecover that captures the attention of potential customers; something that will make them stop and browse. Given that it is your opening sales pitch, your foot in the door, do not choose an ecover designer based only on cost. Think in terms of bang for your buck.

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The Benefit of Attractive ecover Design

Ecover design has assumed more importance than ever. There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for website design firms. it basically refers to a number of different artistic talents which mainly concentrate on visual communication and presentation. It brilliantly combines images, symbols and words to create eye caching visual representations of ideas and messages. 
In marketing your digital products, it is very important to create attractive ecover marketing graphics.
  1.  This promotes your products and services. It generates considerable awareness about your goods and services. 
  2. It helps people easily see what your product is all about. Aside from that, great graphics and designs are proven to attract attention. If you are serious about online business and you want to increase your profits, banner designs and Ecover graphics are highly recommended. click here 
  3. These stunning ecover graphics are bound to enhance the overall look and feel of your website or products. Not only are they effective, but also an inexpensive and professional way of promoting your online business. 
  4. They add value to your business.

If you are on the lookout for a highly effective method of increasing your online business sales, then Ecover designs are the perfect choice. These designs are sure to entice the kind of consumers to make your products a best-seller. Graphics have the power to speak to your niche market. Every online business needs to spend considerable time and effort on cover designing. These designs are vital in every online business because it gives a credible and professional appeal to your products. It also attracts targeted customers and potential advertisers. You will be surprised by the traffic generated by a good Ecover design. Most buyers tend to buy the product whose cover first catches their attention. This is the impact of a good Ecover design. Two companies can sell the same products online, but the company that provides a better cover is likely to make the sale.

You can place your order with your desired Ecover graphics, click here. You just need to tell us your design specifications to let the professionals know more about your project and you will receive the first draft of your design within the stipulated period. A beautifully created visual representation of ideas and messages is bound to grab eyeballs. Incidentally, one of the most important components of graphic design is 'composition'. It refers to the arrangement or placement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject of a work.