Sunday, 11 May 2014

3 steps to create a stunning ecover

If you don't want to hire a professional designer to do the ecover for you, there is a wide selection of very good tools providing ecover templates you can choose from, like ecover creators, ecover generators, Photoshop action scripts, etc. In this article I give you some tips how to design an ecover that attracts people who want to buy and download your product.

 1. Carefully choose your image
Choose the pictures that best express the content and the messages of your ebook. Make sure that the pictures fit each other as well; too many colors can be overwhelming. Do the editing it requires like change color, crop image, resize, transform, etc. Check if the quality of the images is high so they will look good on your ecover templates. Finally put the images to their place.

2. Choose your text
In this case of ecovers under text we understand the Title and list of selling points of your product.
The title is a very important part of your ecover. Like titles usually it should be short, describing what your content is about. The best is to place it on the top of the ecover templates. You can create a better visual effect if you increase the font size and use special font that fits your product. There are several websites from where you can download fonts for free. Finally use special effects like adding shadow to make it look like more professional.
The role of the list of selling points is to convince your visitors to buy your product. Use smaller and simple font for this part. Add bullet points and special effects to it, as well.
Tip 1: Don't align texts to the center, it look unprofessional.
Tip 2: Check if the picture your created looks good and that the texts are well readable even in thumbnail size

3. choose a good and attractive color
To choose the best color or color combination you should be aware of the effects that colors have on people. All depends on what shade of the color you use, how much do you use it, and which color do you combine it with.
Here are some examples of the meaning of colors:
 Use red color on your ecover templates when you want to emphasize something, grab the attention and want people to take action.
 if you want to grab attention but red would be too strong, you can make use of yellow color. And apply green color on your  ecover templates to express harmony, stability, freshness.

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